Communication Plan

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The Communications Plan is a way to centrally track the Who (from your Stakeholder Analysis), What (the message, content, detail, …), When (frequency, trigger, …), and How (delivery mechanism, …) to communicate information in support of project activities.    This template helps you identify who you need to communicate with  and create a plan to support your messages, your vehicles of communication, owners, dates, and ability to collect audience feedback.


Meeting Agenda Template

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A simple and quick way to plan meetings!

You may download the excel file by clicking here or on the graphic below.


Meeting Minutes Template

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Here is a very simple tool to capture important meeting activities.



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The RAID Tool (Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Decisions) tool captures all risks to be mitigated, assumptions to be validated, issues to be resolved, and decisions to be documented.  It tracks what action is needed, who is doing it, when it is being done, and the status.  Not only does it impose prompt action, it also catalogues all issues identified throughout the life of a project.  It can be easily sorted by “open/closed” items and “due dates”, supporting action orientation and endorsing results.


ROI Template

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Here is a financial benefit calculator to help de-mystify your project ROI.  This simple tool factors as much as possible into the calculation, removing the mystery from the ROI process.  Note: There are two aspects intentionally omitted from the template, which are cost of depreciation on products (hardware, etc.) and the cost of capital.  In the spirit of vanilla, they have been purposely left out to give users a user-friendly process to follow.  Many thanks to Jeff Walsh, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, for sharing his template with us.


Project Closing Statement

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Project closing is the process by which the project is brought to an end.  The information from this practice is used to help improve the overall environment for project management in an organization.  This template provides four key elements to support your project closing process:

  • Project Closing Checklist – a reminder of the steps needed to close a project
  • Project Completion – a place to document the project completion relative to expected project deliverables
  • Business Success – a place to document the business success of the project relative to expected business outcomes
  • Lessons Learned – a place to capture lessons learned for the use of other project


Project Opportunity Statement (POS) Template

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The Project Opportunity Statement (POS) is the foundational document to guide the project and its stakeholders.  This tool answers/defines/documents

  • Why are we doing it (the business opportunity)
  • What are we doing (the project goal)
  • What we will create (deliverables)
  • The impact on the organization (expected business outcomes)


Project Status Report

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The Project Status Report (PSR) tool is probably the most valuable and most utilized of all project management tools. This version tracks weekly progress on deliverables by project; it identifies risks and mitigation plans and contains critical information for large and diverse project stakeholders.  This is the vehicle employed to indicate the status of overall project health.


Program Status Report

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The Program Status Report is designed to support status reporting for programs which have multiple sub-projects.  Is contains the same fields as the Project Status Report and offers the same ease of use.


We have plenty more in the toolbox! If you have questions or need any assistance with these tools, please contact us.